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   Infinity Brokerage Services Inc.     
    Brokers Directory \  United States of America \ Chicago
Company Details  
Infinity Brokerage Services is an Independent brokerage and investment firm headquartered in Chicago , Illinois . Founded in 1996, Infinity has been providing customers from around the world access to the global derivatives markets. Whether you are interested in online trading facilities or access to top managed programs, Infinity offers a suite of state-of-the-art programs tailored to individual customer needs.

The FLEXI Contract, offered by Infinity Brokerage Services, allows you to choose a contract size which best suits your own individual currency trading style.
1k FLEXI Contract = 1,000 Units
5k FLEXI Contract = 5,000 Units
10k FLEXI Contract = 10,000 Units ("Mini" Contract)
50k FLEXI Contract = 50,000 Units
100k FLEXI Contract = 100,000 Units ("Standard" Contract)
Head Office  
Address: One South Wacker Drive, Suite 3875.
Chicago, IL 60606
Telephone: (312) 373.6220
Toll Free: (800) 322.8559
Fax: (312) 373.6256

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